Raising Monobrows

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Did you just see that?

Umm-okay, let’s all just take a moment to breathe…

*I’m in too much shock to breathe*

Not only am I confused but I’m also very much horrified. Where do I even begin??

Eyebrows, their should be more than one of them, hence why there is an ‘s’ at the end of the word. It’s plural for a reason!

Eyebrows are the quintessential feature on the human face. Eyebrows are the momentous arches that extenuate and enhance the eyes. Eyebrows “are a powerful tool used to better verbal and non verbal communication” (Tuttle, 2011).“Eyebrows are like punctuation marks to your emotions”(Tuttle, 2011). In other words, eyebrows are meant to be on fleek.

Okay I think you get my point.

Having two eyebrows is so last season! With the likes of Cara Delevingne, Brooke Shields, Audrey Hepburn and the ever-evolving influence of high fashion and avant-garde the monobrow can be considered somewhat normal, striking and beautiful. The repercussion of such influences have catapulted and granted permission for such extremities to be classified as “beautiful”. In some sense I highly respect the notion of breaking the rules of fashion, as Alexander McQueen the king of Avant-garde once explained, “You have to know the rules to break them”.

This specific trend has elevated the perpetual and ever changing nature of eyebrow trends “Models in Milan, Paris and London fashion week have show cased these new beauty trends” (Bianca, 2015). The monobrow remains by most “highly unorthodox” and a rebellious style against its predecessors.

Photo Courtesy of:
Photo Courtesy of:

Personally, I like having two eyebrows, but non-the less for those who love experimenting and trying new things I say go for it! You also save money by not getting your eyebrows tamed and besides the idea of what is considered beautiful is constantly changing, I look forward the next big craze.

P.s Thank heavens that the NYX unibrow gel was just an april fools joke !

This is Monica grace and you have just been Graced by Monica!


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