Thought bubble

The medium is the message

Twitter! Need I say more….

Well actually I do.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think ‘the medium is the message’ is twitter! It has all the elements of a “mutated existing medium” (Mitew, 2015). You’re probably staring at the screen thinking I’ve lost the plot and have no idea what I’m saying, but hear me out. There are three founding behaviours that twitter has which constitute this notion of mutation and that is; scale, pace and pattern. These factors “indicate the presence of new change” (Mitew, 2015). The twitter phenomenon has allowed consumers to become active participants in sharing everything from news to the latest fashion trends, in a nifty one hundred and forty characters or less setup. This allows the content/ message to be shared quickly, instantaneously and internationally, thus providing an effective and efficient means of exchanging information/ content. The friendly and sophisticated format swiftly manages the flow of content encouraging conversation and the spread of news. In other words you can call twitter the mutated offspring of the world wide web. What do you think? Is twitters setup a message in itself?

This is Monica grace and you have just been graced by Monica!


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